Mercedes-Benz E320 issue

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    • Mercedes-Benz E320 issue

      Hi, The e320 is a 2002.
      The other day after starting the car and warming up, free netflix tech news android 9 I was driving down the road, I shifted the car into D, and the car that jolted slightly, I did not think too much of it at first, but as I was driving down the road the car would not leave first gear, I tried to use the tiptronic to shift with no luck.
      I stopped the car, turned it back on and it was fine.
      The issue then happened this morning after a few days of no use. Again turning car off and restarting, it worked.
      Car has 203,000km / 124,000miles; it has been serviced regularly etc.
      Maybe because of a weak battery?
      Or the device that is used for the car to 'talk' to the transmission? I'm unfamiliar with the name.
      Any help would be much appreciated.

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    • Hello,

      According to your error description, the transmission goes into emergency mode.
      In your car, it should be a gear automatic transmission. Internal code 722.6.

      It may be a leaking plug on the gearbox, a spinning selector lever module, or a fault in the board or dirty speed sensors.

      An error memory dump would bring light into the darkness.

      Sorry my english is not that good.
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